I have been road racing a rotary RX-7 since 1997.  I met Marko in 2004 when I was in need of a tune.  In all that time we have had zero engine failures.  In 2007 we decided to replace the 13B turbo with a 20B turbo.  With Marko's vast experience this project  was completed smoothly resulting in a powerful, reliable engine with a tractable power curve.  We have had many victories and pole positions.  I owe alot of my success to the passion and dedication of the Forcefed team.  They have always gone the extra mile and put in many late nights to ensure success. I highly recommend Forcefed Racing



  • 1993 Mazda RX-7 roadrace car
  • 20B turbo, 740 whp
  • dry sump
  • stock tub chassis
  • tilton clutch
  • Jerico 5 speed race transmission
  • Cobra 3.70 rear end
  • custom drive shaft
  • custom oil coolers
  • custom fuel system
  • C&R radiator
  • custom axles
  • penske shocks
  • Brembo GTR brakes
  • CCW wheels
  • custom rear flares
  • custom 4 inch exhaust

= one mad wife!


My name is Mike Peets and I go to Forcefed Racing for everything performance.
I live on the Caribben Island of St.Kitts and I own the only 20B on the island installed in my FD.
Its studded, dowelled and ported by Marko.
I went to the track and did 9.9 on 12psi boost methanol injection and pump gas --shocked everyone...AWESOME!!
Marko is always just a phonecall away. Forcefed is the only shop I will even consider.

Taylor Bridger

Ever since I could say the word car I've been mesmerized. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to work on these amazing machines and Marko was kind enough to give me the opportunity of a lifetime. It still amazes me to see how a vehicle can roll into the shop and leave with an entirely different air about it. It's part of what draws the passion out of me. Speed, performance, sound, the way everything has to work in just the right way to compliment each other. To me, the Force-Fed family is kind of like the machines we build, it all works in the most efficient and outstanding way possible and thats what makes me happy to turn the key in the ignition and drive to my passion every morning. It's not work, it's not a job,; sure it pays the bills, but it's the passion and the excitement that pushes me to be better and better at what I do so that in the end, the customer can have the same thrill I get whenever I climb into my beast and step on the gas!